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Now & Then


now and then cd

artwork by Deb Knodel



Silverwood is a duo featuring Verlene Schermer on vocals, harp, and guitar, and Linnette Bommarito on vocal harmonies, flute and alto flute. Silverwood's first recording of all instrumental music, Now & Then, was officially released at a celebration on September 12, 1997.  The album covers music that spans several hundred years. In addition to nylon harp and guitar, Verlene also plays wire harp, cross strung chromatic harp, violin, vielle, and percussion on the album. In addition to flute and alto flute, Linnette also plays soprano recorder and percussion. Five of the pieces are original compositions by Verlene and Linnette.  A book of all the music on the album is also available.


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The music on the album: 

  • O Glorioso Regina - J. Touront
  • King of the Fairies - traditional sound clip
  • Canzonet - Thomas Morley
  • Woodycock - anonymous
  • Spagnoletta - anonymous
  • Alman - Robert Johnson sound clip
  • Canon in G - Verlene Schermer sound clip
  • Siciliano - J.S. Bach sound clip
  • The Fifes - Charles Gounod sound clip
  • 'Bout Ten, 'Leven Years - Verlene Schermer sound clip
  • Seasons - Linnette Bommarito sound clip
  • Just Takes Time - Linnette Bommarito
  • Manha de Carnival - Luiz Bonfa sound clip
  • Now & Then - Verlene Schermer  sound clip