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Now and Then by Silverwood

now and then book

This is a companion book to the Silverwood CD, Now & Then .  It features 13 songs arranged for harp and flute and guitar and flute.  The songs span several hunderd years -- from medieval to modern! 5 of the songs are original compositions by Verlene and flautist, Linnette Bommarito.  A few of the pieces can only be played with cross-strung harp or pedal harp. All have guitar chords, and can be played by any chording instrument.  Songs written for harp (lever, cross-strung or pedal) can also be played on piano.  86 pages.  ($20.00) 


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Table of Contents:

O Gloriosa Regina
King of the Fairies
Canzonet view excerpt
Canon in G
The Fifes view excerpt
'Bout Ten, 'Leven Years
Seasons view excerpt
Just Takes Time
Now and Then