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dreamtime cd

painting by Deb Knodel


Verlene's second solo release features 13 of her original songs, with the folk harp as the primary accompanying instrument to her versatile singing voice. Instrumentation includes: oboe, violin, cello, bowed psaltery, flute, and soprano sax. Because of her diverse musical background, Verlene plays harp in a style that is unique and innovative, giving a new meaning to the term "blues harp." The lyrical content of the songs range from themes of dreaming and vision to poignant observations about modern living. You can read more about Dreamtime in an interview by a harper's garden.  The Verlene Schermer Song Sampler songbook includes four of these songs. 

Verlene performs vocals, nylon & wire harps, violin, guitar, bowed psaltery, cello, rainstick, and percussion. Guest artists: Rebekah Ahrendt - cello, Linnette Bommarito - flute, Preston Carter - string bass & electric bass, Nancy Moser - soprano saxophone , Jane Valencia - oboe, Peter Wells - cymbals


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The songs on the album are: 

Lyrics from Dreamtime