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Verlene Schermer Song Sampler

song sampler book


Songs for lever harp and voice. All the songs in this book can be heard on Verlene's recordings " Persephone's Art ." "Rendezvous with the Moon ," and "Dreamtime ." On the recordings, Verlene plays diatonic lever and cross-strung chromatic harps and is joined by percussion, string bass, guitar, flute and other instruments. The arrangements in this book are for lever harp and voice, but can be played just as easily on piano. She tunes her harp in the key of F major (all natural notes except B-flat). Chords are also given for guitar or any other chording instrument.  48 pages. ($15.00) 


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Table of Contents:

Persephone's Art
Make it Real
Le Guin
Rendezvous with the Moon
Your Own Best Friend
Laugh With the Universe
El Nino
Further On
Grandmama Remembers
Equal to the Task