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Tranquility by Barbara Ellen Schilling

tranquility book


The arrangements in this book are for beginning to intermediate players on 34 – 36 string lever harp in keys from one flat to four sharps. Eleven out of the sixteen pieces can be played on a lever harp with only C and F levers. The pieces are great for sight reading, and with that in mind, we kept the page turning to a minimum – only one per piece.  Chords are provided so that you can improvise your own left hand arrangements for additional verses, or invite a guitarist to play along. The companion CD includes all the songs in the book, in the order they appear in the book, so if you like, you can put the CD on and play along from page one to the end.  The arrangements are among those that harpist Barbara Ellen Schilling plays in hospitals, hospice and senior centers in Southern California.  48 pages (book/CD $22.00)



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Table of Contents:

Before Dawn
Bonny Portmore
The Christ Child’s Lullaby
The Cradle Song
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Danny Boy
The Grenadier and the Lady
Loch Lomond
Mrs. Jamison’s Favourite
The Recollection of the Day
Scarborough Fair
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Slumbering Minstrel
Tramps and Hawkers
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The Water at Twilight
The Water is Wide
Westering Home