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The Therapeutic Guitarist
Modes, Tunes, and Improvising Tools for the Fingerstyle or Classical Guitarist

The Therapeutic Guitarist


Many of the therapeutic music certification programs in existence today were started by harpists, and are directed and taught mostly by harpists. The music skills required by these programs usually include the ability to improvise and to play in modes. Jazz guitarists have their own set of tools to use for improvisation and may have no trouble with the music skills requirements for therapeutic music certification. But many fingerstyle and classical guitarists are accustomed to playing from guitar tab (short for "tablature") or guitar notation, or simply strumming or finger picking chords as accompaniments for singing. Included in the book are 7 tunes that work well for therapeutic settings. Even if you are not enrolled in a therapeutic music program, this book will be a valuable resource for modes and improvisation for the fingerstyle or classical guitarist!. 55 pages.  ($20.00)

Also available as a digital PDF book. 


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Tunes include:

Mockingbird Song

Featherweight view excerpt

Lamentation of Owen Roe O'Neill

Sea and Sand view excerpt

The Journey

My Little Welsh Home view excerpt

Scarborough Fair