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Peedie Tunes from the Valley of Heart's Delight by Margaret More

Peedy tunes


"Peedie” is Scots for small, and that’s what these tunes are: wee small tunes that grew out of Margaret's response to people and places that delight her. Long before it became Silicon Valley, the Santa Clara area was called “The Valley of Heart’s Delight.”

The tunes are for beginning to intermediate level, mostly in the key of C. A couple of tunes have 1 sharp, one has 3 sharps, and one has 1 flat.  Only one tune has lever changes, making easy sight-reading for the more advanced harpist. One tune, Kyhle Bhan, has an instrumental part for recorder, but could be played on flute, violin, or other solo instrument. Most of the tunes work well in hospital settings, and are a delight to play. 32 pages (book/CD $15.00)



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Table of Contents:

Beacons of the Isles
Curtis' Song view excerpt
Gypsy Chicken Jaunt
Khyle Bhan

Rainbow 'Round the Moon view excerpt
Scotweedish view excerpt
Solstice Star
Starlight view excerpt
Teddy's Wedding
Wilson's Tune