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Peace CD

photo by Lauren Hardy

  Verlene's July, 2005 release, Peace, features songs about peace -- personal, interpersonal, national and international. On this recording of all original songs, she sings, plays electric, acoustic, cross-strung and double strung harps, acoustic guitar, and piano.  Her studio band includes Preston Carter on bass; Don Frank on drums and percussion; Jeff Buenz on electric guitar; and Aryeh Frankfurter on violin, viola and cello.  Also featured in cameo appearances are: Neal Hellman on mountain dulcimer; Jon Schermer on trombone; Linnette Bommarito on flute; Noel Catura on sax; and Geoffrey Thomas on drums.  

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  The pieces on the album are:

1. Peace   sound clip
2. True friends  sound clip
3. For Peace Sake sound clip
4. Long, Long Night
5. Can't Sleep   sound clip
6. Theta State   sound clip
7. Common Ground
8. Half A World Away
9. A Powerful Thing   sound clip
10. Stretching Me Thin   sound clip
11. This Place   sound clip
12. Seed of a Thought
13. Still Life
14. Spiral
15. Fine Tonight   sound clip
16. I Love You Whole sound clip

Lyrics from Peace