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(Not Quite) Harp Newbies, The Lesson Book, Level 2


The Harp Newbies series includes three books for each level that when used together, will help those new to harp develop skills in music reading, technique, and music theory. The three books are:

The Lesson Book, The Tune Book, and The Activity Book

This Is the second level of the Harp Newbies series, and should be started after completing Level 1. As in level 1, the pace is comfortable and new notes are presented two at a time. This book also introduces new time signatures, rhythms, and ornaments. If you need a resource for the music notation symbols that you will come across in beginning through intermediate level harp books, you'll find the index of terms and symbols very useful!

 37 pages.  ($15.00)

Harp Teachers!

Would you like a sample pdf of the whole book? Email Verlene to request a copy. "Sample Copy Not for Resale" is stamped across each page, but you'll be able to read everything on the page to review it for consideration to use with your students!



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What the book includes:

Notes from Middle C up two octaves on treble clef and down two octaves on bass clef

Note and rest values up to sixteenth notes

Time signatures with 8 at the bottom


Keys of C, G, and D major

More finger techniques

Triplets and swing rhythm

Ornaments and other expression tools