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The Hidden Pool


hidden pool cd

photo by Jon Schermer



Instrumental compositions and improvisations for meditation, contemplation, relaxation, and affirmation.
A soundtrack for inward journeying...

This CD is a compilation of compositions and improvisations from various recordings by Verlene Schermer.  A few of these pieces were originally recorded as songs with vocals: song 2 is from Persephone's Art ; song 4 is from Dreamtime , retitled from "The Prisoner" (the title for this instrumental version comes from within the lyric); and song 10 is from Rendezvous with the Moon .  Songs 6 and 9 are from the Silverwood Now & Then recording.  The remaining pieces were originally created as a musical backdrop to poet, Cindi Maciolek's poetry on the recording, Java Jems (GAP200).  They appear on this CD (under different titles) by kind permission. 

Verlene performs on nylon and wire Celtic harps, Cross-strung harp, nylon string guitar, piano, keyboards, & vocal "Ah's." Guest artists: Linnette Bommarito - flute & alto flute, Jane Valencia - oboe, Peter Wells - percussion, Michael Crowley - irish flute, Ashish Vyas - tabla. 9134.


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