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Cross-Strung Traditional Tunes with a Twist

for 22-string range (Esabelle) Cross-strung harps

cross strung twt 22

This is a special edition of Verlene's Cross-strung Traditional Tunes with a Twist that has been adapted to the range of the Stoney End Esabelle cross-strung harp. In addition to making use of the chromatic capabilities of the cross-strung harp, most of these arrangements are jazzed up versions of traditional tunes, re-harmonized for a fun change of pace. Included is a re-harmonized version of a Bach Gavotte, with the original version on the first page and the jazzy one on the second page. Bach purists are welcome to play just page one … Those who would enjoy a modernized “twist” on the piece can proceed to page two!  Labyrinth can be played as a harp solo as it is recorded it on The Hidden Pool, or as a harp accompaniment to voice as it is recorded on Persephone’s Art, or with a melody instrument.   28 pages.  ($10.00)


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Table of Contents:

Amazing Grace
Down By the Salley Gardens view excerpt
The First Noel view excerpt
Gavotte I (from Bach Cello Suites)
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Morrison's Jig
Oh Shenandoah view excerpt
The Riddle Song
What Wondrous Love